Helping Children in communities
Chameg Developing Communities
Empowering youths in communities
Empowering youths in communities
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What we do

We work with women and Youths (Boys& Girls) to build a more a just, sustainable community. We believe that when women and youths are trusted as experts of their own reality and provided with resources, opportunities, and networks, they are a powerful force for change.

CHAMEG`S GOAL:    Building a community where women, and youths (GIRLS & BOYS) are viewed as equal partners in development..


VISION: – The creation of communities where women and youths are empowered to overcome poverty, harmful cultural practices and discrimination.



Solving problems in communities

OBJECTIVE:   Accompanying and empowering women and youths to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger while promoting gender equality and human rights.


Why we are different

Chameg is dedicated to the idea and actual search for sustainable development initiatives designed and managed by its beneficiaries according to their collective spirit and culture, and directed towards a freely chosen future in partnership with other actors

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